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Who is Sun River Honey?

Sun River Honey Inc. is a honey farm owned by the Comerford family. We have been keeping bees since 1997 and we produce honey and bee products that are sold around the world. We work collaboratively on most projects, but we do have our specialties.


As president, Aaron divides his time among all aspects of the company. He gets excited about optimizing hive management, developing business collaborations and discovering new ways that honey can help!


Sara manages the bees and maintains our books. Sara's passion for keeping bees ensures the health of our bees is always a priority. Her attention to detail keeps our records in order.


Henry manages and operates the farm machine shop. If it's broken, won't start or needs a rebuild, we talk to Henry. Henry also does the field work for our Pollinator Pasture Project.


A true Jane-of-all-trades, Shannon fills the gaps at Sun River Honey and keeps everything flowing smoothly. Shannon also manages our Raw honey packaging; ensuring that we deliver the finest raw honey to our customers.

Where is Sun River Honey?

We are located west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Geographically, we are centered between the North Saskatchewan and the South Saskatchewan Rivers on the pristine Canadian Prairies. Beautiful skies and endless horizons have earned our province of Saskatchewan the nickname “Land of Living Skies”.

Color Sun River Honey location on globe

Our Honey

Our RAW Sun River Honey has never been heat treated, pasteurized or filtered; it comes straight from the hive.

Our premium Creamed Sun River Honey has a velvety smooth texture and a satisfyingly subtle flavor. It’s properties are unique to Canadian honey and are in high demand around the world.

Our facility is equipped with state of the art stainless steel extraction and packaging equipment and allows us to meet all food safety, health and nutritional standards. Being inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ensures the safety of our honey and allows us to export our premium honey around the world.

Creamed Sun River Honey by old farm house

Pollinator Pasture

As beekeepers, we see the day to day effects of diminishing pollinator forage. Our extensive experience with these amazing insects inspired us to develop our Pollinator Pasture program. By planting 1 square foot of Pollinator Pasture for every jar of Sun River Honey that we sell, we are able to provide our premium Canadian honey to the world and through it, improve the survivability of both honeybees and wild pollinators.

Our Honey Helps

Together with our loyal customers, we believe that honey can be more than a delicious, healthy food for honeybees and ourselves. It can be a means through which we can improve the health of all pollinators. When you choose Sun River Honey, you are choosing to improve pollinator survival. Thank you.

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