Everything gets better when you

add a little sunshine!

Lemon, Cinnamon or Turmeric+Ginger in a creamy honey base are just a few examples of our luxurious spreads, dips, and salad dressings.

If you could taste sunshine, it would taste like this.

True Sustainability

Unmatched Quality

Premium Natural Ingredients

  • 100% Natural & Unpasteurized

  • Premium Sustainable Honey

  • 8 Unique Flavours

  • Over 20 Years of Beekeeping Experience

Flavours Included

Black label (original), ginger, lemon, lime, lemon-ginger, turmeric-ginger, cinnamon, and chipotle.



Black Label Regular


Lemon Ginger

Turmeric Ginger



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+4 FREE Mystery Flavours


Regular/Black Label - Premium Canadian honey at its purest - that’s all! Black Label allows our pure premium honey’s authentic, delicate flavor profile to shine. It is uniquely spreadable, unpasteurized and contains all its natural pollens.

Cinnamon - Infused with only the finest quality organic Ceylon cinnamon for a delectable flavor profile that compliments rather than overpowers the unrivaled taste of pure Canadian honey.

Lemon - Our lemon flavored honey gets the sweet and sour treatment with a subtle lemon infusion that serves as the perfect counterpoint to our premium Canadian honey’s natural sweetness.

Lemon Ginger - Our lemon ginger honey is infused with all-natural lemon and organic ginger. Our customers say they love to use our lemon ginger honey as a remedy for sore throats due to cold or flu.

Turmeric Ginger - Our all-natural turmeric and ginger flavoured honey is not only delicious, but turmeric has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat ailments such as pain, inflammation and nausea.

Lime - The sweet, delicate floral notes of our pure premium Canadian Black Label honey play off against a tart and zesty infusion of natural lime.

Chipotle - Get a kick out of sampling the finest flavored honey inspired by Mexican cuisine. Serve it as a sauce or a dip for your baked or deep fried chicken wings and taste the hot, sweet and smoky goodness of chipotle honey.

Ginger - Our premium honey and organic ginger go together like peanut butter and jelly, only, better! Our ginger flavored honey makes a unique, premium quality treat for all ginger flavor lovers.

What makes Sun River Honey unique

  • Sustainably collected and bottled.
  • Made using only the finest natural and organic ingredients.
  • Pure, unfiltered, unpasteurized and contain all their natural pollens.
  • Creamy, spreadable and delicious.
  • Perfect for spreading, seasoning, sweetening, dipping, drizzling and devouring right out of the jar.

Giving Back & Saving the Bees

For each jar of Sun River Honey purchased, we are committed to planting 1 square foot of pollinator pasture for our bees and other wild pollinators who visit to forage and feast. By supporting Sun River Honey, you’re helping us give back and save the bees! 

Best Ways To Enjoy A Little Sunshine


Our creamy white honey is the perfect substitute to refined sugar for hot & cold beverages, cooking and baking!


A sweet and healthy alternative to conventional sugary toast toppings.


The perfect sweet, sticky compliment to your barbeque sauces, salad dressings and marinades. Drizzle over any and everything for a delicious, sweet surprise.


The perfect addition to any charcuterie board or party platter, our honey is the perfect all-purpose dip for your favorite snacks.

What Sets Us Apart

100% NATURAL & Unpasteurized

Our pure, premium Canadian white honey is unpasteurized and always contains its natural pollens. Our proprietary handling methods were developed specifically to allow the natural qualities of our local honey to shine! That’s why Sun River Honey is always creamy, soft and spreadable.

Premium Sustainable HONEY

We use only the finest natural ingredients to bring you unbeatable flavour infusions. From planting pollinator pastures to using biodegradable starch-based packings, we are dedicated to sustainable beekeeping & business practices.

Unmatched Quality

Local Canadian production has allowed us to select only the finest pure premium honey to infuse with flavours that compliment rather than overwhelm its delicate alfalfa, canola and clover floral flavour notes. Over 20 years’ experience allows us to deliver an authentic experience you won’t find anywhere else.


For every jar sold, Sun River Honey is committed to planting 1 square foot of pollinator pasture to support the foraging and feasting of honeybees and wild pollinators on the prairies.

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8 Unique Flavours


A unique premium quality treat infused with organic ginger.


Lemon serves as the perfect counterpoint to pure premium Canadian honey’s natural sweetness. 

Black Label Regular

Our unflavoured, unfiltered, unpasteurized premium honey allows its authentic, delicate flavour profile to shine. 


A tart and zesty infusion of natural lime. 

Lemon Ginger

Our customers say they love to use our lemon ginger honey as a remedy for sore throats due to cold or flu.

Turmeric Ginger

It's not only delicious, but turmeric has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat ailments such as pain, inflammation and nausea.


A subtle cinnamon compliments rather than overpowers the unrivaled taste of pure Canadian honey. 


Our finest pure premium honey with a chipotle chile kick! 

Featured Reviews

“This is the best tasting honey I've ever had! The flavour is not too sweet and doesn't have that "sharpness" that some honey has. It's thickness is nice and creamy and it doesn't get hard after you open the jar. #1 in my book!”

- Lori U.

“The plain honey is perfect in our herbal teas. The Cinnamon honey is a hit on toast. The biggest surprise came with the turmeric ginger honey. I have a chronic cough which irritates my voice. I’ve been taking a half teaspoon of the turmeric ginger honey right before bed & it’s noticeably reduced my night time coughing spells. I can’t do without it! I highly recommend the honey from Sun River. Once you taste it, you’ll never go back to your old honey brand… guaranteed!”

- Heather H.

“We finally opened our honey up and mixed the Chipotle into our stir fry sauce last night. It tasted amazing! Gave it a sweet and smokey flavour which was great. I highly recommend trying it out. ”

- Jakki K.

Your Questions, Answered.

Still have questions? Call us at (306) 500-1198 or email 

us at info@sunriverhoney.com

Is your honey considered raw?

At Sun River Honey, we bottle 100% of our honey at our own facility, so we know exactly what you're getting. Here's what you get with SRH Black Label.

Our honey is unpasteurized (carefully monitored so that it never gets too hot), it still retains its pollens (verified by lab testing), and it still has its active enzymes (also verified by lab testing). These are what people are looking for when they're wanting raw honey, and we've got all of these. Some "raw" honey has "bits" of foreign matter floating in it. We do NOT have that. We do not use the marketing term "raw" for SRH Black Label, as so many people have their own perceptions of what "raw" honey actually is and it even changes from region to region! We're happy to explain exactly what SRH Black Label is and if you have any more questions please feel free to reach out!

Where does Sun River Honey come from?

Our pastures are centered between the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers, on the pristine Canadian Prairies.

Why glass bottles and not plastic?

Not only can glass be infinitely recycled, which allows us to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable business practices, it’s also better for you and your honey! Honey can actually leach toxins from plastics and absorb oxygen through plastic, leading to product degradation over time. Bottling our pure, premium honey in glass, means our product has a longer, more stable, and uncontaminated shelf life.

What is the expiry date?

Technically, if bottled and then stored correctly, honey has no expiration date. Storing your honey in a cool, dark place will help extend its shelf life. While honey may darken or crystallize over time and with exposure to heat and moisture, it will not go bad - it only affects the quality of your honey.

Should honey be refrigerated?

No, honey does not require refrigeration, but those who prefer a firmer product may choose to store their honey in the refrigerator. Repeat exposure to high heat will be more detrimental to the quality of your honey than ongoing refrigeration.

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About Us

In 1997, our family business started with 16 hives. Aaron and Shannon both grew up in business working with bees alongside their parents, Henry and Sara. In 2000, the expanding business was named Sun River Honey and the honey house was established on the family farm near Grandora, Saskatchewan, Canada.