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Sun River Honey

Lemon Creamed Honey 500g Single

✔️ A single jar of creamy Lemon goodness

✔️ Unique bio-degradable packaging

✔️ We plant 1 sq ft of Pollinator Pasture for every jar sold!

✔️ The best honey you've ever tried or your money back!

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A single jar of our Lemon, soft creamy honey with an info card about our Pollinator Pastures and our biodegradable foam packaging. If it's just Lemon you want, this is for you!

Featured Review


"Absolutely amazing! My daughter said that the lemon was “pure heaven”. Can’t wait to try the cinnamon one on toast."

- Tony Revitt


Lemon infused honey combines our proprietary soft creamed Black Label honey with real lemon. Like all our Black Label honey, our Lemon infused honey is unpasteurized, always soft and spreadable, and always contains its natural pollens.


Ingredients: Honey and Lemon (citric acid, lemon oil, lemon juice)

Sweet and Healthy Uses

Spread for bread or toast
Substitute for icing
Combine with yogurt
Drizzle over granola
Natural sweetener in home cooking and baking
Tea, coffee or honey water sweetener
Cold beverage sweetener (using it in white sangria is a must!)
Glaze on fish or BBQ meats
Drizzle on hors d’oeuvres
Scoop it right out of the jar!

Giving Back

For every jar you buy, we plant 1 square foot of Pollinator Pasture. Pollinator Pastures are areas of land that are dedicated to providing a high-quality variety of blossoming plants as forage for both honeybees as well as wild pollinators.

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