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Sun River Honey 5 Frame Nuc


Only 1 left in stock



Our nucs come in EZ Nuc 5 frame corrugated plastic nuc boxes.
These EZ Nuc boxes are more durable than regular cardboard nuc boxes.
Each nuc contains:
• A laying queen less than 1 year old
• 3 frames of bees and brood at varying stages
• 1 frame of feed
• 1 frame of empty comb for the queen to lay in

For new beekeepers every order includes an introductory letter, from Sun River Honey, explaining the first few days of your new hives.

We have been keeping bees at Sun River Honey for over 20 years.

Sun River Honey is independently inspected for disease by the SK Government. With the purchase of your nuc, you will receive a copy of our current Government of Saskatchewan Notice of Apiary Inspection.

Our nucs come with a history of treatments received in the fall of 2018 and in the spring of 2019.

In our hives, we maintain Varroa levels well below economic thresholds to minimize the effects of compounding viral loads brought on by elevated Varroa levels.

Nucs will be available for pick up the week of May 20th-25th, 2019, (depending on spring weather).


Prepayment is required to reserve your nucs.

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