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500g Cinnamon

500g Cinnamon

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Product Description

Cinnamon infused honey combines our proprietary soft creamed Black Label honey with organic ceylon cinnamon. Chosen for its higher quality and low levels of coumarin, ceylon cinnamon adds a mild cinnamon taste to our delicious creamy honey. Like all our Black Label honey, our Cinnamon infused honey is unpasteurized, always soft and spreadable, and always contains its natural pollens.

Ingredients: Honey and Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Sweet and Healthy Uses:

  • Spread for bread or toast (mix with butter for a delicious cinnamon honey spread!)
  • Substitute for icing
  • Drizzle over waffles or pancakes
  • Combine with yogurt
  • Drizzle over granola
  • Natural sweetener in home cooking and baking
  • Sauce (think drizzled over popcorn)
  • Dip (yummy with sliced apples)
  • Tea, coffee or honey water sweetener (try it in mulled wine!)
  • Cold beverage sweetener
  • Glaze (cinnamon honey glazed carrots!)

Giving Back: For every jar you buy, we plant 1 square foot of Pollinator Pasture. Pollinator Pastures are areas of land that are dedicated to providing a high-quality variety of blossoming plants as forage for both honeybees as well as wild pollinators.

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