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"I discovered the Wonders of the Honey from Sun River... Thank You Sun River."

-Brian W.

canadian infused honey

sweet solutions that must be experienced

Energy Gels that
calm your stomach

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Calm your stomach!

Our honey naturally contains active enzymes like alpha-amylase, a naturally balanced glucose/fructose ratio and soothing infusions like lemon and ginger.

Shockingly tasty, powerful energy and gentle on your stomach.


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Calm that cough!

Our proprietary creaming methods ensure that powerful infusions like Turmeric, Lemon and Ginger remain suspended and ready for action with each dose.

Tasty relief for adults and children over 1 yr. old.

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A complete tasting experience.

Beautiful and eco-friendly packaging, tantalizing flavours and custom gift messages make it the quintessential gift for any foodie or honey lover...including yourself!

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"helps my chronic cough and helps me to sleep better. Thank you"

-Rebecca C.

Our journey has been humble and we are full of gratitude.

25 years ago
in rural Saskatchewan

We started with a few beehives on our family farm. We are still on that farm.
It's humbling to think that because of the trust given to us by our amazing customers, people across the world now find happiness and relief every day with our products.

we are thankful for all of the
love we've been given.

The love we have received has been remarkable. From newspaper articles, to social media posts, to magazines, to news stories, we're humbled and grateful for every single one of them. 

When people thank us, all we can say is thank you right back!

Thank you for your trust, thank you for spreading the word and thank you for coming back so often!
Helping others with our honey products is why we do what we do. Thank you for visiting today.

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"Everyone is so kind in this Facebook group! It's just remarkable how a community has grown around us. Customers are sharing ideas, experiences and recipes with each other."

-Aaron Comerford
President of Sun River Honey

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