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Tasty relief for coughs, sore throats and poor sleep.

Our proprietary creaming methods ensure that powerful infused ingredients like Turmeric, Lemon and Ginger remain suspended in our honey and ready for action with each dose.

Tasty relief for adults and children over 1 yr. old.

Lemon + Ginger

  • Lemon/ginger honey combines the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger and the soothing effects of our proprietary soft creamed honey and lemon. This powerful trio can help to alleviate sore throats and calm coughs, and it tastes INCREDIBLE.
  • Enjoy it in tea, hot water, drizzled over scones, as a fruit dip, or make a delicious salad with it.
  • Don't wait until you're feeling under the weather, order your lemon/ginger honey today and keep it on hand for when you need it most!
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Turmeric + Ginger

  • Turmeric/ginger honey combines the anti-inflammatory benefits of both turmeric and ginger with the soothing effects of our proprietary soft creamed honey.
  • Enjoy this by the spoonful before bed, in warm milk, in tea, or spread as a glaze over chicken, squash or salmon.
  • Don't wait any longer to experience the benefits of turmeric/ginger honey, order yours now!
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  • Made only with Ceylon Cinnamon (a more expensive but subtle and clean tasting cinnamon). Our soft creamed honey is perfect for this amazing spice as our proprietary technique allows the cinnamon to stay suspended, but the honey stays soft and spreadable.
  • Ceylon Cinnamon has been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.
  • Enjoy this healthy treat on toast, in hot chocolate, as a dip for fruit or drizzled over popcorn!
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  • The zesty taste of lime balanced with the sweetness of our white creamy honey.
  • Drizzle it over a salad, combine it with our Chipotle honey for a Chipotle/Lime glaze on chicken or make a healthy Key Lime parfait by combining with plain yogurt.
  • Keep this fun and fruity flavour on your counter and you'll find you're quickly dipping and drizzling it on everything!
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  • Tastes like Lemon Icing, but it's calming and soothing for sore throats and pesky coughs.
  • Experience our bright and cheery Lemon Honey on salads, as a dip for fruit, spread on a warm lemon/poppyseed muffin, dissolved into a glass of water for lemon/honey water, or just by the spoonful before bed to help you sleep.
  • Keep it in stock to brighten up almost any dish.
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  • A smoky, balance combination of sweet and heat.
  • Made with organic Chipotle, this mildly spicy honey is amazing on sausages, in sandwiches, as a glaze on ribs and wings and even as a warm and spicy addition to a cup of coffee on a cold day!
  • Order now and you'll be making chipotle honey glazed carrots for dinner in only a few days.
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  • Our propriety soft creaming technique allows our honey to stay soft and spreadable, but not crystallize with hard chunks like liquid honey will over time.
  • "Raw" has become a misleading marketing term with honey, so we just say exactly what we've got. Active enzymes and pollen are what we are all looking for when we all ask for "raw" honey. Our honey has been verified to have these active enzymes and retain it's pollen. It doesn't have bits of wax floating in it like some raw honey.
  • Adds a sweetness to any dish without overpowering the other flavours in the dish. This subtle flavour is why our other infusions balance so well with our honey.
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  • Ginger has long been used to help with sore throats, nausea, headaches and inflammation.
  • When it's paired with our soft creamed honey, it makes a tasty and soothing spread.
  • Take a spoonful before bed, create glazed veggies by simply adding it right at the end of cooking, or add it to your favourite tea.
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