Collection: Energy Gels That Calm Your Stomach

Calm your stomach while you race!

Our honey gels naturally contain active enzymes like alpha-amylase, a naturally balanced glucose/fructose ratio and soothing infusions like lemon and ginger.

Shockingly tasty, powerful energy and gentle on your stomach.

As always, we guarantee 100% happiness. If you aren't happy, we will make it right or refund your money.

She needed something different


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"The SUGAR CRAMPS were UNBEARABLE" she said, "I needed ENERGY to finish but my stomach REFUSED all of the sugar based energy products."

That was our Shannon when she competed on the Canadian National Fencing Team.

She needed something packed with energy, but more easily digested during competition.

Being a beekeeper, our mother Sara suggested raw honey might digest easier than the mainstream sugar products.

The results were astonishing.

Shannon could take a spoonful before matches and throughout the day. No sugar cramps. No gel gut.

It gave her lasting energy, and it didn't upset her stomach.

After quite a bit of research and lab testing, we discovered why our honey produced such shockingly different results than everything else.

👉It turns out that the active enzyme in our honey (alpha-amylase) is actually a digestive enzyme added by the bees. It breaks down sugars. Unpasteurized honey has this enzyme, sugar based products don't.

👉Our honey has more glucose than most other honeys. It is essentially a unique 1:1 glucose to fructose ratio.

👉Ratio's closer to 1:1 have been shown to reduce nausea in athletes when compared to the common 2:1 ratio seen in other sport gels.

👉Today, we also add naturally calming ingredients like lemon and ginger to soothe the stomach further.

👉Our proprietary handling methods ensure that our honey is always soft, smooth and easy to use.

👉Enjoy 6 shockingly tasty flavours.

🟢Key Lime
🥮Cinnamon Bun
🍊Orange Cream