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Best ways to Enjoy our honey


Our creamy honey is the perfect alternative to sugar for hot or cold beverages.


Our delicately flavored honey is the perfect addition to any charcuterie board.


A sweet and healthy alternative to your regular spread for bread or toast.


Add a south-west kick to your next batch of wings, or punch-up your sauce on taco night.


“This is the best tasting honey I've ever had! The flavor is not too sweet and doesn't have that "sharpness" that some honey has. It's thickness is nice and creamy and it doesn't get hard after you open the jar. #1 in my book!”

— Lori U.

“We finally opened our honey up and mixed the Chipotle into our stir fry sauce last night. It tasted amazing! Gave it a sweet and smokey flavor which was great. I highly recommend trying it out. ”

— Jakki K.

“The plain honey is perfect in our herbal teas. The Cinnamon honey is a hit on toast. The biggest surprise came with the turmeric ginger honey. I have a chronic cough which irritates my voice. I’ve been taking a half teaspoon of the turmeric ginger honey right before bed & it’s noticeably reduced my night time coughing spells. I can’t do without it! I highly recommend the honey from Sun River. Once you taste it, you’ll never go back to your old honey brand… guaranteed!”

— Heather H.

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Your Questions, Answered.

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Is your snack suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, this food is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. All of our products contain no animal or animal-derived products.

How are they processed?

Our honey is unpasteurized, always soft and spreadable, and it always contains it's natural pollens. Our proprietary handling methods were developed to allow the natural qualities of our local honey to shine through. We are the only honey that uses these methods that ensure our honey is always soft and spreadable.

Is this honey considered raw?

At Sun River Honey, we bottle 100% of our honey at our own facility, so we know exactly what you're getting. Here's what you get with SRH Black Label.

Our honey is unpasteurized (carefully monitored so that it never gets too hot), it still retains its pollens (verified by lab testing), and it still has its active enzymes (also verified by lab testing). These are what people are looking for when they're wanting raw honey, and we've got all of these. Some "raw" honey has "bits" of foreign matter floating in it. We do NOT have that. We do not use the marketing term "raw" for SRH Black Label, as so many people have their own perceptions of what "raw" honey actually is and it even changes from region to region! We're happy to explain exactly what SRH Black Label is and if you have any more questions please feel free to reach out!

Is it antibiotics-free?

Yes, absolutely! Our honey is independently tested at a third party lab for both quality and safety including antibiotics. We are happy to report our honey passes all tests with flying colours including antibiotics! Feel free to shoot us an email if you'd like to see the detailed results.

Where is the source of Sun River Honey?

All of our honey comes from the prairies of western Canada.



  • Free Shipping Canada-wide


In 1997, our family business started with 16 hives. Aaron and Shannon both grew up in business working with bees alongside their parents, Henry and Sara. In 2000, the expanding business was named Sun River Honey and the honey house was established on the family farm near Grandora, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Be the first to get updates and news from Sun River Honey!


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