Where should I store my honey?

Short term warm temperatures are fine, but storing your honey in a cool and dark location is vital for keeping your honey in pristine condition. Many people keep their Sun River Honey in their refrigerator. Refrigerator temperatures will vary, but cooler temperatures will mean firmer honey and warmer temperatures will mean softer honey.

Will my honey go bad if I do not store it in the refrigerator?

No, it will not go bad, but all honey settles, darkens and separates over time in warmer temperatures. This deteriorates the quality of the honey. It would be a shame for this pristine honey to meet that fate!

How long will my honey last?

If you keep it in a cool and dark place, your honey will still be in excellent condition for a number of years! The cooler it is, the longer it will stay in the condition you received it.

My honey has air bubbles at the top, is it going bad?

As long as the jar has been kept covered and water hasn’t been introduced to the jar, this is just air in the honey that is rising to the top. This is not a concern at all.

Why do you package your honey in glass?

From an environmental perspective, glass is infinitely recyclable and unlike plastic there is no limit to the amount of times that it can be melted to make new glass products. Also, glass is impermeable to air. Honey will absorb moisture from the air (including through some plastics!) and using glass ensures that our honey stays pristine.